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Introducing "The Jen Journey"

Welcome to my blog! I've been considering creating one for a very long time and am excited to get started.

My goal with this blog is to inspire others by sharing personal experiences, perspectives, and lessons I have learned or am now learning. Because of my unflagging curiosity and fascination on this journey we call life, I will be touching on many different pursuits, practices, interests, and subjects in future posts, including acting, yoga, fashion, motherhood, marriage, philosophy, and any other topic I may be particularly interested in at the time.

As this is the very first post, allow me to provide a little background.

I was born in South Korea, was abandoned, found, and placed into an orphanage. At the age of three, I was adopted by a family in Michigan. I grew up in a very white, very conservative, very religious family and community, and not only felt like a complete outsider in both, but also a stranger to myself.

The dark shadow of early childhood trauma has weighed heavily throughout my life and in the choices I've made along the way. The journey has been difficult, excruciating at times. I've struggled with deep depression, self-loathing, guilt, shame, and crippling fear and for most of my life have operated from a constant state of survival.

A few years ago circumstances forced me to look at myself honestly and to seek help towards healing... and it has made all the difference. Although this blog will not always focus on such heavy subjects, I truly hope that by sharing my stories, experiences, and evolving perspective, it will help, support, and inspire you as you navigate your own journey.

Thank you so much for reading and please watch for the next post coming soon!

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